Get Involved as a Donor

Steve and Kathy Ford with Archbishop Kurtz at the annual CCC Spring Reception

Steve and Kathy Ford with Archbishop Kurtz, Chuck Willenbrink, and Jennifer Lieras at the annual CCC Spring Reception.

Your becoming involved with Community Catholic Center immediately assists students who participate in our program and provides a wonderful example of community involvement to them.

Share Financial Support–  Your charitable donation ensures CCC students receive a quality Catholic education and academic support.  Donations can be sent to PO Box 11065, Louisville, KY 40251 or via on-line at our “Make A Gift” page.

Become a Volunteer–  Volunteers are welcomed to participate in the following ways:

  • Serve as a Jr. High/High School Mentor
  • Tutor students after school
  • Volunteer as a cook or server for a CCC Family Event
  • Organize a school supply or snack drive to provide needed items for student support
  • Host a CCC event
  • Designate CCC as the organization to receive your Kroger or Target purchase credits

Pray for Our Success–  As all things come from God, CCC continually needs prayers to continue its work.  Please pray for the CCC students and families as well as for our efforts to educate, empower and inspire their faith and educational development.


Evan Burks, NDA student, works with SHA tutring volunteer Courtney Ford.