Trinity High School Kicks off CCC Christmas Open House

For the past eight years, Trinity High School has partnered with CCC to spread Christmas cheer. This annual event which has evolved over the years has developed into a fun-filled activity that draws many in the CCC community together. THS and CCC staff begin planning the event in September–detailing games, supplies, and the much anticipated gifts that Santa delivers.

CCC participants write letters to Santa, and he has helpers from the Trinity High School community lend a hand. On Sunday, December 15th, over 30 THS students attended Mass at Good Shepherd Parish then led activities for CCC participants in Lehmann Hall. In addition to the games, participants enjoyed a visit from Santa and lunch together. Possibly the highlight of the day is when children “decorate” the Trinity students as a Christmas tree.

Two years ago, Santa noticed that many children ask for new socks. In 2018, the St. Michael’s Parish Ladies Club collected new socks for students. This year the Ladies collected over 300 pairs of new socks–every child is encouraged to select a pair that best fits his/her personality.

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